PIPEtalk Software for Industrial Pipe Estimating Using Excel

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PIPEtalk Industrial Pipe Estimating software is the world's largest, most powerful, lowest priced ($249) spec driven Excel industrial pipe estimating software program. Sold since 2001 on Yahoo with 375 users from all over the world. Designed by an estimator for estimators. PIPEtalk runs inside your Excel 2007, 2010, or 2013 using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

PIPEtalk has 175,000 items, yet costs a fraction of other spec driven industrial pipe estimating programs! Buy the software two ways. Buy TWO year license fee for only $249 or $150 Renewal! Don't let the low price fool you. Two days training at our office in North Louisiana is only $400. Training at your office is $500 plus expenses and travel time.

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At $249 you cannot find a less expense specification driven industrial pipe estimating program anywhere! Estimate industrial piping using pipe specs in Excel, an environment you understand and can modify. Many pipe specifications are included. The program is not designed as a "plumbing" estimating tool. This is for industrial pipe systems. Learn More.

The estimating units belong to no particular source because they are averages of many. The units are in Excel for easy access and modification. The information is from a 30 year collection of estimating units. PIPEtalk is not sold in stores and must be ordered from this site. Purchase PIPEtalk Here. Made in USA.

PIPEtalk is a specification driven industrial pipe estimating software which uses Excel VBA macros within Excel. PIPEtalk can use any of the supplied specifications, which can be adjusted to match your clients specs. (See Technical Tab For Further Information About Specs) PIPEtalk does industrial pipe directs. PIPEtalk includes thousands of man-hour units for carbon steel piping, stainless steel piping, alloy piping, in-lines, instruments, pipe hangers, pipe support structural steel/foundation work. While primarily an industrial pipe estimating program, many CSA and equipment setting manpower units are included. PIPEtalk estimating was developed for small companies that cannot afford to buy the over-priced fancy estimating programs. Secure Yahoo Order (Absolutely no risk) via download--U.S. Copyright No. TX 5-367-631 issued in 2001.


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PIPEtalk Takeoff Method.
PIPEtalk Create Estimate File
PIPEtalk Change Current Estimate Takeoff Specification
PIPEtalk Chapter 1 Setup Part 1.0
PIPEtalk Chapter 1 Setup Part 1.1
PIPEtalk Chapter 2 Entry Screen Part 6.0

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Calculates directs only, Does limited ISO 65 (Metric), Not designed for plumbing and contains no plumbing fixtures, clay or copper pipe. Not all items are priced. PIPEtalk macros will NOT work using Excel 2000/2002/2003. You must use Excel 2007 or newer. NOT sold to Nigeria and other nations which spam American.

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(As fast as you can talk refers to the speed of entry of the estimate. PIPEtalk is not voice activated.